From Our Home to Yours

Hi there!

We're so glad you're here.  We are Rebekah and Reed - owners, designers, and creators of all things RELOVEDLUMBER.  

This little business of ours started in Southern California early in 2017 with my constant nagging to Reed about wanting farmhouse style home decor and not being able to find exactly what I wanted.  He finally got tired of my complaints and (lovingly) said "That's it! We'll make our own."  And that we did!  We borrowed some tools, cleared a little space in our garage, and we figured out how to make a six-foot-long Farmhouse sign that was exactly what I wanted.  It still hangs in our kitchen to this day!

We got so many compliments on that sign; everyone said "you should sell these!" and they asked "how do I order one?"  We made a few for local folks we knew and others we met via social media, but word (and pictures) spread quickly.  Here we are thousands of signs later with our own little online shop, no space left in our garage, and a small business dream come true. 

From our home to yours, we truly thank you for allowing this dream of ours to become a reality.  Without amazing people like you, none of this would be possible.

- xoxo

Rebekah & Reed